New Products Launching

Breakthrough the limitations of Gasketed plate heat exchanger and Cooper Brazed heat exchanger, Pure or Full Stainless Steel Fusion Welding Plate Heat Exchanger enhance plate heat exchanger’s sanitation and rigidity into a new level.
In view of None-Gaskets design, 100% Stainless Steel structure make its max temperature resistance could reach 550°C;
In view of None-Cooper for Brazing, Common Refrigerant could be utilized in refrigeration applications. Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger or Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger could be replaced in specific cases by cost that is more economical.
Design Temperature ≤550
Design Pressure ≤30bar
Flow Rate ≤200m³/h
Frame: SS304/SS316
Connections: SS304/SS316
Plates: SS304/SS316