Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger- One Side Dis-mountable

Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger  One Side Dis-mountable
None Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger by Welded sealing,  however,  One Side (Primary Side or Secondary Side) could be dis-mountable for clean and service. It features high corrosion resistance, also balance the convenience in clean service.  

Advantages of Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
1. CIP cleaning for plate
2. Welding for plate, no gasket
3. High heat transfer efficiency with almost all plate surface for heat exchanging
4. Small floor area, be equal to gasket and frame plate heat exchanger
5. Flexible connection diameter in/out, adaptable design
6. Low cost of using and maintenance

 Thermal Transfer Plate Model
Heat transfer plate is pressed by imported metal plate with thickness from 0.8mm to 1mm. Corrugated shape is similar to the gasket and frame plate heat exchanger. But there is no hole and non-heating transfer area on plate, so almost all of plate can be used for heat transfer to improve the efficiency of plate. Meanwhile, the different layout of nozzle substantially eliminates water distribution between plate and “dead zone” phenomenon.