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Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger

Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger

New Concept Type Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger, Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger
Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger make new inovation on Tube Side. By development of Spiral Wound Tube bundle, which could create strong turlulent flow in tube side. It greatly improves the efficiency of thermal transfer, 3~7 times higher than conventional Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger. The Max. heat transfer coefficient could reach 14000W/㎡℃.  
Additionally, the scaling possibility is much lower. The spiral wound cylindrical structure completely eliminates the pull-off force between the heat transfer tubes and the tube plates, greatly extending the product’s lifespan. For an equivalent heat exchange, its around 1/10 of the size of a conventional one, saving valuable space.

Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger spiral tube in cental column by several layers, the total length of tube is much longer than coventional tube, results in increased transfer area and higher thermal transfer coefficient, meanwhile, more compact struture design, high pressure resisitance, and also could be multi-fluids application, self offset for thermal expansion.
In view of SS316L or Higher Class Stainless Steal Tube with threaded corrugation surface, so the scaling will is hardlly stay on tube surface or easily be removed by thermal expansion process. We call it as "Self Clean" for Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger.

For Thermal Calculation and Model Selection is refer to Shineheat Data Sheet and Drawing, Customerized Design is also available from Shineheat.